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Marketing, sales and event management, all in a single platform for you to increase your revenue.

Increase your sales.

Expand the visibility of your event spaces and consequently increase your sales.

With the Coopax platform, you’ll expose your event space to thousands of event planners.

Save time and efficiency.

Simplify and automate your sales process to increase your team’s productivity and close more deals.

The process of quoting an event space demands time and several interactions with customers.

The automation of quotation process allows you to increase your company’s efficiency and do much more with less.

In addition, you will enable effective sales management.

Speed up your service.

Responding to quotes quickly can define the success of your business. Delays in responding to quotes lead to dissatisfaction and lost business.

To provide more agility, Coopax provides automated quotation on its platform.
Your customer can generate the quote quickly and easily. While you can dedicate yourself to other activities, without losing your focus on sales as you can follow the quotes made for your space.


Coopax's platform brings together marketing and sales tools to make your business attractive to thousands of event planners.

More customers, less effort

With an automated and integrated platform, you reach more customers with much less effort.

More control

Coopax has integrated tools for efficient management developed tailored for your business.

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