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Why use Coopax?

100% online

Coopax is 100% online.

Easy to use

Intuitive and easy-to-use tool

Totally free

You pay nothing, forever

Benefits of using Coopax

Organize events efficiently

You may or may not be an experienced event planner, but using Coopax will make everything easier.

Save time

Time is money and quality of life. With Coopax, you have access to tools that will help you save your time.

Effectively manage your event

At Coopax, you will find features that will help and manage your event's tasks.

Quote online

Stop wasting time on the phone and email and get quotes online.

Centralized communication

Centralized communication

Save money

With advanced search filters, comparison tools, estimated prices and online quotes, you save time and money.

What can you find at Coopax?

Comprehensive base of specialized venues

It was easy to find the perfect place to hold your event. Clicked, found!

Advanced search filters

Use advanced filters to find the location that meets your needs.

Detailed site page

Get to know the place through detailed descriptions of the space's features and other multimedia resources.

Select and compare

Select and compare the chosen venues for the best decision-making process.

Estimated price based on your search criteria

Know the estimated price of the venue online automatically.

Dynamic event planning tool

Dynamic event planning tool.

Book online

Manage online the booking of your venue, keeping the records of your conversations in one place.

Manage your event tasks

Create and share the activities needed to organize and run your event while maintaining effective management.

Register your negotiation with suppliers

Register your negotiation with suppliers

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