Organize your event quickly, efficiently and automated.

The Coopax platform simplifies the event organization process so you can achieve your goals. We can advise you at various stages of your event.
What do you want to do?


I want help planning and hosting my event

Plan my event

I need tools to organize my event.

Find venues

I want to find the perfect venue for my event.

I want to plan my event

Use advanced planning tools

Our technological platform increases the agility and efficiency of the entire event planning, creation and hosting processes.

Create your event script

Organize your event in detail with a dynamic tool.

Supplier search algorithm

Find and share your event roadmap with compatible vendors.

Collaborate and share

Share your plan with the people you want.

Find the perfect venue

Advanced search algorithm

Coopax has developed a search tool to help you find the perfect venue. Get started. Just select the type of event, number of guests and location. It’s completely free.

What does Coopax have for me?

Coopax is an advanced technological platform that increases the agility and efficiency of the entire process of planning, quoting and developing your event.

Plan your event

With dynamic tools, you can create a detailed roadmap of your event, sharing it with vendors and other interested parties.

Search for venues

You know the perfect space for your event, the advanced search that makes your refinery possible and compare the characteristics of the spaces.

Quote online

Get instant quote online and get event venue quotes simply and quickly.

Book your venue

Book your space and manage the hiring and execution of your event through the platform, increasing transparency.

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