Learn how to transform the planning and management of your private and corporate events to save more time and money.

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    Reinvent your management and earn more time for your life with the help of Coopax, the platform created to support event planners to achieve success.

    Search and book venues for your event in easy way.

    Finding and hiring the perfect venue for your event can be a daunting task.

    There are many variables to analyze that go beyond price and location.

    Save time and find your ideal venue using advanced search and comparison tools.

    Save time and efficiency.

    Avoid communication failures and gain efficiency with automation tools. With each change request, the event space is notified, which can accept or reject the change and / or adjust the budget. Everything in a practical and automated way.

    Now you can focus on making your event experience seamless, while Coopax takes care of the paperwork.

    Get more control of your event.

    Take greater control of your event, increasing your customer satisfaction with less effort.

    We know that planning an event is a lot of work, it demands technical, attention to detail, and agility.

    The Coopax platform workflow allows you to effectively manage every step of your event.


    The Coopax platform is completely free for all professionals who plan events.

    Fully online and secure.

    You have access to information about your events and contracts from anywhere.

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