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Creating ideas and strategies to face the challenges in the event sector generated by COVID-19.

Jun 8, 9 and 10 and 2021

100% free and online. 

The greatest professionals in the events sector will share their experiences and ideas on how to overcome the challenges caused by the new coronavirus pandemic in the events and tourism sector.

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What is The
Coopax Open Show?

Covid-19 imposed a harsh reality on the events sector, causing financial losses, company closings and unemployment.

The Coopax Open Show is an initiative that aims to encourage the sharing of ideas and strategies that help entrepreneurs and workers in overcoming this serious crisis.

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from different countries!

Who is the
Coopax Open Show event for?

The Coopax Open Show is an event designed especially for event planners and other professionals in the sector.

So, if you are a professional responsible for coordinating, organizing or managing events, then sign up for free!

Confirmed Speakers

Learn from the best

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With great professionalism and energy, they saw joining forces and knowledge with our speakers to make the Open Show even richer in content for you.

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Artistic interventions

The Brazilian scene is full of artists who delight us with their professionalism and personality. During the Coopax Open Show, artists from Minas Gerais will be present with presentations, in the intervals of the lectures. Know a little more about them!

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